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The Swiss Trading Society has set itself the goal of having specialists in your field program top indicators and expert advisers in order to test your own trading strategies.

We offer products that prove themselves – without guarantee or guarantee of success – for you to use. We are currently working on a training program in which you can learn everything about trading in the Forex markets.

The members of the SwissTradingSociety are constantly working on indicators, bots, strategies and courses. So be sure to stop by again. – Or subscribe to our newsletter to be automatically informed about product news.


Single Indicators

Indicators are tools to present financial market data in a way that makes analysis easier and / or signals when certain market situations are waiting for you.

The STS indicators are developed by top programmers and can be bought as individual products. You buy – and apply the indicators. We recommend this for forex experts who already have a lot of know-how on how to use the indicators.


What is the legal form of the Swiss Trading Society?
The Swiss Trading Society is currently a simple company according to Art. 530 ff. Of the Swiss Code of Obligations. This is the simplest form of company that Swiss law provides. The simple reason for this is that we initially put our commitment into our passion, trading on the forex markets. This is how this website was created, and thus the indicators, trading robots and courses were created. True to the motto “Form follows function”, we will decide in the course of 2020 whether we need a more complex legal structure for our passion.
Does the Swiss Trading Society have the necessary licenses from the authorities?
We are explicitly not a financial service provider, no investment advisor and no financial intermediary and we do not maintain any financial market infrastructures that would require a license. The Swiss Trading Society is only a platform for interested Forex traders. In addition, we develop certain instruments for analysis and trading on the markets. Even if you work with our instruments, you always end up trading through a licensed broker and for your own account. It goes without saying that all brokers with whom we work have the corresponding licenses in the countries in which they operate.
How are purchases processed and ensured that my credit card is not misused?
Our products are used by the Swiss comexperts Ltd, a chapter company registered in the Swiss commercial register according to Swiss law. Subscriptions and software packages are sold via Digistore24 GmbH in Germany. It is an established and globally known payment processor for online shops and also charges any sales tax owed in your country on your purchases. As the Swiss Trading Society, we never see your credit card details.
There are many scammers in this field that betray people. How can you prove that you are serious?
Through our products and the structure of our offers. You won’t find any products or services in our store where you initially pay USD 1000 or more before you can see what they’re good for. We try to pass on our indicators and Expert Advisers on very favorable terms. You can test practically all memberships on a monthly basis and cancel them quickly if you are not satisfied. So you can hardly lose anything.
How many people are there behind the Swiss Trading Society?
We are around half a dozen people, but not all of them want to appear in public – for different reasons. E.g. because they operate in a completely different business area in Switzerland, far away from the financial markets, or because they simply value their privacy.
Can I return a product if I am not satisfied?
For legal reasons, we cannot take back software that you have already used. The same applies to subscriptions that you have already used. If you do not want to take the risk of a bad investment, we recommend that you initially only e.g. a one-month membership to test the products and / or services during this period. If we don’t meet your expectations, you can easily cancel within the month.

Further questions?

If you have any further questions that you cannot find an answer to here, please let us know and send us your question by email. We try to answer all inquiries within 24 hours from Monday to Friday.