swiss trading society’s indicatores and bots

Recognize the signals with indicators

The Swiss Trading Society offers various indicators, the range of functions of which goes beyond that of normal indicators. Our indicators automatically issue alarms and take screenshots of your charts. – In conjunction with the STS-Telegram Expert Adviser, you can have this sent to your Telegram account.

The indicators analyze currency charts and can help to find the right moment to open or close a position. – And thanks to the special functions super-smart and super-easy.

The individual indicators are particularly suitable for experienced traders who want to develop their own strategy or are already pursuing one, but are looking for professional tools for implementation.

Cockpit & Cockpit remote

The STS Cockpit and the STS Cockpit remote complement the Metatrader 4 and some ingenious functionalities. With the cockpit, all currency pairs and trading products from the market overview can be displayed in a button bar at the bottom of a chart window. So you can click between different currency pairs with one click.

If you start the STS Cockpit remotely in a second chart window, you can make the analysis of a currency pair even clearer. For example, if you show the normal time-based market chart in the first chart, you can show a Renko chart of the same currency pair in a second window.

Heiken Ashi

The Heiken Ashi indicator of the Swiss Trading Society helps smooth market movements and eliminates random deviations that distort a trend. A Heiken-Ashi chart is therefore clearer in the statement and often much easier to read than a pure price chart. The smoothing results from the fact that the Heiken Ashi candles calculate with average values.

The STS Heiken Ashi also comes with three freely configurable moving averages that can be set in the same indicator. This indicator therefore almost provides its own trading strategy.

As a special feature and unique feature compared to other Heiken Ashi indicators, the STS-Heiken Ashi issues alarms and automatically creates screen shots that you can send to your Telegram account in connection with the STS-Telegram EA.

Telegram Expert Adviser

The STS Telegram EA connects your indicators to your Telegram account and ensures that alarms and screenshots that generate your indicators are forwarded to your Telegram account within seconds. In this way you can automatically observe several currency pairs in the markets at the same time.

More Indicatores and Trading Bots in the pipeline

The Swiss Trading Society endeavors to constantly expand the range of indicators in our offer. For example, we are currently working on a trading robot that can be used for a wide variety of strategies. It is called “iHarvest” and is producing very interesting results in our current tests. Stay tuned!