STS heiken ashi indikator

Reduce the noise

A Heiken Ashi indicator smoothes the course of the chart and can thus help to identify the correct entry and exit point for a position. Or prevent too-early entry or exit.

An annual license for the Heiken Ashi from STS costs you EUR 9.00 and allows you to use the indicator on two instances – for example on two different computers with the same Windows account or with two different users.

Der STS Heiken Ashi kann darüber hinaus einiges mehr: Er erstellt Alarme und Screenshots, und zusammen mit dem STS Telegram EA kann er Ihnen diese mit nur kürzesten Verzögerungen auf ihr Telegram-Konto schicken. Und er liefert im gleichen Indikator auch gleich noch drei frei konfigurierbare Gleitende Durchschnitte mit.

Das macht es möglich, verschiedene Märkte gleichzeitig zu beobachten und rechtzeitig Chancen und Risiken zu erkennen.



Heiken Ashi Basics

The STS Heiken Ashi indicator is basically a candlestick chart. Like the candle charts in general, it comes from the Japanese chart culture and means “average staff”.

This is because the opening, high, low and closing prices do not show the absolute market prices, but average values. The opening price of the Heiken Ashi Chart, for example, consists of the average of the opening and closing price of the previous candle, ie the “center point” of this candle.

As the closing price, Heiken Ashi shows the average of opening, closing, high and low prices. The Heiken Ashi Höchst consists of the average of the high, the open and the close, the lowest of the average of the low, the open and the close.

This calculation of average values ​​leads to the Heiken Ashi Chart smoothing short-term outbursts up or down and thus “hiding” background noises. This makes it very popular with traders who find more clarity in Heiken Ashi than in the market charts. It is important, however, that a Heiken Ashi chart never shows an actual market price.

Heiken Ashi Application

This helps to start a trend at an early stage and thus a higher profit.
A few candles later it shows that the trend, as indicated by Heiken Ashi, continued unchanged and the interim upward candles in the market chart were not important for the continuation of the trend. – As the Heiken Ashi Chart had already indicated.
There are different formations in Heikin Ashi that are seen as signals. Longer candles without wicks, for example, are seen as strong signals for a trend. A long bull candle without a wick (bottom) is seen by many as a strong signal for price increases, a bear candle without a wick (top) signals the opposite.


The STS Heiken Ashi chart filters out these “noises” and shows the ongoing trend more clearly. The three additional moving averages also contribute to this, which can be freely configured in the indicator settings.
Many traders use strategies in which you combine moving averages with Heiken Ashi candles to confirm a trend.

In addition to the Heiken Ashi Candles, the chart shows three exponential moving averages (EMA for exponential moving averages): namely the 12-day EMA (green), the 24-day EMA (gold) and the 36-day EMA. The downward trend is confirmed by crossing the 12-day EMA with the 36-day EMA.