STS Cockpit for MT4 (Metatrader 4)

For a quick overview

The STS Cockpit for MT4 complements the most popular of all trading platforms with some essential functionalities.

Using the cockpit, you can switch between all currency pairs from your own market selection in a chart window with a single click. For a super efficient market overview.

But it gets even better: With the Cockpit remote you can connect a second chart to the same currency pair with the first chart: Draw e.g. in the first chart a trend line, it is automatically drawn in the second chart. With this you can e.g. analyze different timeframes super-easy – or you connect e.g. a normal market chart with a reindeer cooking chart.

Functions overview

The Cockpit for a better overview

With all the advantages that Metatrader has: Some functions would be a little easier. For example, a quick market overview with just one click.

The STS Cockpit delivers exactly that: a bar with all currency symbols as a button, which is displayed in a single currency chart. With just one click you can switch back and forth between the currency pairs – and the display remains the same without having to load your template every time.

The cockpit generates a button for each currency pair that you have saved in the market overview. You can enlarge or reduce the buttons in the settings with just a few mouse clicks, as can the fonts and backgrounds.

And even better: trend lines, support and resistance zones and all other lines and shapes, as well as text boxes that you set yourself, are retained even when you switch back and forth between the currency pairs. If you want to delete them, just click the clear button and the chart is “clean” again.

And now even better:
Cockpit remote

But the best is yet to come: The cockpit is now available with the addition “Cockpit remote”. Load this indicator into a second chart window, in which you display the same currency pair, but for example a different time window. Or a reindeer chef started the market chart.

If you now draw a line, a figure or an arrow in the first window, this is automatically drawn in the chart with the remote cockpit. This enables you to analyze course developments better than ever. The remote cockpit can also be set so that it also changes the currency pair if you do this in the main chart. – And when you switch back, the drawn chart lines, figures or arrows are still there.

Questions and Answers about Cockpit and Cockpit remote

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Can I choose the color of the buttons?
Yes, you can choose the colors in the settings as you wish.  The same applies to fonts, font sizes et. Find all the detailed descriptions in the Installation Guide.
Can I buy the Cockpit only without the Cockpit remote extension?
The indicator originally only consisted of the cockpit for MT4, the remote cockpit is an add-on that we give you free of charge. So you don’t have to install it if you don’t want to.
Why do I have to give the cockpit permission for DLLs (Dynamic Link Library)?
DLL stands for permission to the indicator to connect to databases via the Internet and to retrieve or supply information from them. This authorization is necessary for all of our products, we use it to control, for example, the information when an indicator update is available or when an adjustment to the software is necessary for security reasons.
What happens when software support expires after 12 months?
You can easily renew your licence and therefore further profit from software updates, support and, of course, further profit from using Cockpit.