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STS Telegram SendScreenShots Experts Advisor

So you won’t miss anything

Traders work different ways. But only very few sit in front of their monitors constantly and uninterrupted; lots of them let them deliver certain signals for given market opportunities.

With the STS Telegram SendScreenShots EA this is now even more convenient. In cooperation with the STS indicators, you do not simply receive an alarm, but can have a screenshot sent to your smartphone immediately.

What do you need for this? A (free) account with the Telegram news service. And the STS Telegram SendScreenShots Expert Adviser.

What is Telegram?

How about receiving a screenshot on your smartphone or tablet quickly and fully automatically in the event of certain signals on the currency markets? So you can see at a glance whether you should act quickly – or not?

This is exactly what the STS Telegram SSS Expert Adviser does. In cooperation with a Telegram account.

Telegram is a messenger service, a kind of relative of WhatsApp, Messenger and whatever they are called. But with two striking differences: Telegram does not belong to any of the big tech companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft or Amazon. The source code is public, which is why well-known experts assume that the service is more secure than others. And: Telegram applications can be built via the open Telegram interface – like our integration of Metatrader 4.

For this you need a Telegram account, which you get for free, create a channel that is “fed” by a “bot”, a robot, with screenshots and alerts from Metatrader 4. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry: we will guide you through every single step.

How to get your free Telegram account

How to establish your Telegram bot

In your Telegram account you need two things for the connection with the STS Telegram SendSceenShots EA: a channel and a bot. You can create both within a few minutes using our instructions in the video or text. The bot exchanges information with our STS Telegram SSS EA, and if there are screenshots of chart windows that were created by our indicators, they are sent to your Telegram channel fully automatically. And that, however, within a fraction of a second. Incidentally, not only you can view your channel yourself: you can also assign other members to it, who can then also see your alarms. The only requirement: You also need a Telegram account.